Tuesday, December 9, 2008

wings of dream?

The child was set for his dream fly;
spreading his wings-
there he flew.
Heart full of colours ,
eyes all set for his dreamland-
that he nourished for years.
Flew for years,
countries and towns,
valleys and beaches.
he stopped,
to take his rest in his journey of lifetime.
But alas! he fatigued.
Burden of his dream was too hard to bear.
and too heavy he seemed to him.
Wings gave up.

He started walking.................
for long time in a dusty ground
everything just jostled up.
Should he fly??
It's too late to take a flight.
now it's resting time.
He flew enough for his dream, cashing his strength.
Time did not wait.
Is there anything for him????
Now it's time to walk on ground.
But what is it?
Time has changed
and so did endeavours.
That was the Time to live for dreams.....
now it's struggle for bread.
will he be able?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

estranged life

have desires in my life;
but not a single one for me to live.

have dreams in my eyes;
but not a single one for my sight.

have love in my heart;
but no love for it.

whenever I see by my side-
I find people like me...
roaming, dreaming, perspiring.
They are determined to do some amazing,
they are positive.
They walk with their head stand still,
hard earned bread meets their hunger.
But what about the life????

It is not their own.

I find myself in every of them...
What is their mistake????
They have everything....... except that estranged Life.
Alas!!!! O you sightless life-
look at them.
They have come here to laugh;
but are laughed at.
They have come here to live and let live........
But what you offer??
sequences of Fears...
events of Sorrow.....
some harsh days......
and loads of restrictions?

Every one thinks- I have given life.
Nothing you have done - you Moron....
nothing you have given.
Just have brought your Slave.
To use him...
and if useless.......
then Throw him.

Whenever I ask my heart-
why these fools are hankering for this life???
why they cry for it??
for just a Life......
I hear no Voice..... just a rustling sound.

Monday, November 17, 2008

jane in my neverland

Are you Jane in my neverland?
who made me crazy,
with a glimpse of your golden hair,
with the note -
that bore the melancholy,
and colourful my dream becomes-
with your stroke of brush and...........
............... it stunned me.

Are you Jane in my neverland?
coming down from clouds
having dreams with you.
and you made my neverland
I was lost in my eden.....
and i lost you-
you went away.

Are you Jane in my neverland????
my eternal truth;
no lie dares to touch.
an unread book.
no one opened.
who are you?????
I see you with my closed eyes
and heaven comes with your embrace.
Startled at your breath-
you come as a breeze.
and dances my legs with you.

Oh! you went???????
Why i opened my eyes???????

Are you Jane in my neverland???
my angel-
or just an imagination???
awaits a blink.
who are you?
my eyes are stuck for you,
at the milky way.
may be-
your glimpse will once again bring back.......
.... that melancholy note..

Jane come to me.
I want to see you,
touch you,
want to know if........

my dreams are true.
True like that Melancholy Note.

Friday, November 14, 2008


like the lonely sun,
one was me in the world.
in the way of future-
in the path of life.

thrown out of the world of stars,
like the firing rude sun- i was
devoid of my senses
devoid of my desires.

there was a bit of dust;
there was a bit of joke;
and a dusty joke i was-
God ridiculed me.

Life was the most wanted
running through thorns- not so serious.
a sudden Stroke that made me stirred-
and joyance sparkled me.
the smile that came back-------
and it sclintillated me.

now i ponder over..........

on my life seriously.
the Stroke tried hard, alas in vain!!!!
Life is not lonely now.
like sun among planets.....
but.... enough it fired.....
and now time to emerge.
like the sun in night.
Night so long...........
no dawn can end it up.