Friday, November 14, 2008


like the lonely sun,
one was me in the world.
in the way of future-
in the path of life.

thrown out of the world of stars,
like the firing rude sun- i was
devoid of my senses
devoid of my desires.

there was a bit of dust;
there was a bit of joke;
and a dusty joke i was-
God ridiculed me.

Life was the most wanted
running through thorns- not so serious.
a sudden Stroke that made me stirred-
and joyance sparkled me.
the smile that came back-------
and it sclintillated me.

now i ponder over..........

on my life seriously.
the Stroke tried hard, alas in vain!!!!
Life is not lonely now.
like sun among planets.....
but.... enough it fired.....
and now time to emerge.
like the sun in night.
Night so long...........
no dawn can end it up.


Suman said...

bah bes bhalo. Kobi je tato jantam kintu se to banglay likhtis.. jai hok bes sundor

Barun said...

Kabita i eta