Tuesday, December 9, 2008

wings of dream?

The child was set for his dream fly;
spreading his wings-
there he flew.
Heart full of colours ,
eyes all set for his dreamland-
that he nourished for years.
Flew for years,
countries and towns,
valleys and beaches.
he stopped,
to take his rest in his journey of lifetime.
But alas! he fatigued.
Burden of his dream was too hard to bear.
and too heavy he seemed to him.
Wings gave up.

He started walking.................
for long time in a dusty ground
everything just jostled up.
Should he fly??
It's too late to take a flight.
now it's resting time.
He flew enough for his dream, cashing his strength.
Time did not wait.
Is there anything for him????
Now it's time to walk on ground.
But what is it?
Time has changed
and so did endeavours.
That was the Time to live for dreams.....
now it's struggle for bread.
will he be able?

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